Thursday, 31 December 2009

Thank yous and Happy New Year's Eve

Have been playing with my new sidekick this afternoon to rustle up some very simple thank you cards to send. I had some K&CO papers for Christmas so have used them with Gems from Anitas.

So another year has come and gone...

"Let this time be. Let the present stay. Do not

Look back. Do not look forward. Let thought

Idle from dream into daylight, and watch,then, the coast

Climb out to dark, to grey, and then to chalk-white

Cliffs till the grey sea goes blue

And then indeed you

Are found and safe at last

And all your thought will grow

And you will unreel it, a silk-thread, a long-

Travelling, moving-everywhere line

And it will gradually, as you relax. it, become a song

And you will not say 'That is mine'."

From The Way of Words and Language by Elizabeth Jennings

Happy and prosperous wishes for 2010 Cherry XXX

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  1. Best Wishes for 2010 Cherry to you and your family xx


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