Thursday, 29 December 2016

2016 - Week 52

Journal 52 hosted by Effy and Sarah ends this week and has been an interesting project to do. I have to confess to completing upto week 32 - starting week 33 and resuming this week due to a family need. I hope that the team do it in 2017 and I am hoping to do closer to the 52 weeks. Just playing to a theme with the supplies at hand has been freeing and has taught me lots about what my supplies can do.
Week 51 Celebrate

Thank to my crafting SS for a lovely gift which I am planning on using in my new journal play.

During the year I have continued my sock knitting as that was one of my New Year's wishes from this year. I have managed to knit four complete pairs of socks. Two sets of fingerless mittens have been completed too. Not the largest number of knits in the world but a start which has got to be better than not starting at all.
The last pair was a Christmas gift so I was pleased to finish them. They are the
most intricate to date with a cable pattern.

There has been baking too...

There has been much play...

And some sadness...
I want to continue looking at doing in 2017 and learning new skills. I wonder what you want to do in 2017? I would be interested to know.

I have started with a new sock pattern by Helen Stewart which I cast on on Christmas Eve (this is a tradition started by Little Bobbins of Little Bobbins Knits on Instagram). I am enjoying this but realise how slow I am as some folks have finished their pair already! I am on 15%of sock one!!!!!

Have a good week 52 and hopefully I will see you in week 1 of 2017! Happy New Year's Eve.
Cherry xxxx

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Mini Book Swap

Some of my uber talented crafting buddies decided to do a mini book swap. It has been so much fun and as it ended yesterday it has been fabulous watching all the different techniques and approaches appear.

The lovely Lilian and Debs sent me theirs and I love them both. Lilian's Spring inspired book.


Deb's button book - how cute is this...

I decided on some wood cut frames, watercolours, inchie stamps and a quote about friendship.

I absolutely loved this swap. Thank you to Clare for organising it.

Journal 52 Weeks 6-9 and a birthday.

Week Six - beneath your feet

Week Eight - use a skull and comment on what goes on inside

Week Seven - Nerdy Love

Week Nine - A pet peeve or a love (mine is a two-sided idea) smiling - we should do more and I love Seeing smiling faces.

LO turned 8 last week and much baking ensued.

Including a cake sale at school for Tanzanian partner school!

Lots of fun and squealing. Thanks for stopping by. Cherry x

Monday, 8 February 2016

Journal 52 Week 5 Monochrome

Practise the idea...

The page using watercolour and acrylics and gesso.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Journal 52 weeks three and four

Week Three - Favourite Bowie Lyrics

Week Four - Full Moon


Sock progress - I am beginning the heel flap!

Loving my new stitch holders from a lovely etsy shop belonging to Sarah.

I have also been baking to raise the greyness of January and February.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A New Year...

Week 1 word for the year - EXPERIMENT

Week 2 what are you saying YES to? -

Crochet : loving the colours and the harmony

New member 

Keeping it simple this year and being brave to experiment.