Saturday, 31 January 2015

The end of another January!

I dislike January and I am always happy to bid it farewell. It is a long five weeks of dreary, but this year DLP and LifeBook have helped to brighten it up and it does appear to have gone reasonably quickly.

I loved Patti Ballard's lesson on Lifebook for week 4. I was totally enchanted and scared at the same time. I enjoyed the process, especially the skirt.
Finally, I have finished lesson one from Tam!
Tam gave a bonus lesson this week of an 'affirmation feather'. This is a practise take on it in a smaller journal. I am thinking of combining DLP and Lifebook on this one. DLP was Writing and Friends. I think the feather will do for both in its finished version.
I am intrigued and absorbed by seeing other people's take on these classes. It is lovely that many of my crafty friends are doing them at the same time for this reason. I am loving seeing everyon's art inspired by each lesson/prompt.
Hugs Cherry x


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Weeks two and three of January

DLP week two we were asked to use Gesso and be inspired by "The beginning is always today" Shelley.

Week three has been the colour wheel and the prompt: "I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way . . . " - Georgia O’Keeffe.
Week three on Lifebook was a lovely lesson by Joanne Sharpe.

I am still working on Tam's lesson one!


And week four!

Thanks for stopping by. Best get busy...
C xxx


Sunday, 11 January 2015

January 11th 2015

Day eleven of January 2015.

Two Journal covers completed - well I will probably keep adding to them through the year.

Lifebook 2015 lesson one by Tam Laporte in progress.

Lifebook 2015 lesson two by Roben-Marie Smith completed.

Keeping life simple and enjoying the contentment if the moment ... So far...

Sending warmest regards to you for stopping by.

Cherry xxx

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

2015 Goal Page with DLP 2015

Thought I would join in DLP 2015 as much as I can. Loved the examples given by the team and "I stole" Sandi Keene's torn page look.


Had great gesso, acrylic, matte medium and pencil fun... My word for the year is 'contented'. I'm on the hunt for contentment in the here and now - whatever that moment is.

Hugs Cherry xxx


Saturday, 3 January 2015


Happy New Year. Christmas has flown by - well it did for me - I tried really hard to grab the moments and be in the present. I felt moments of anxiety at the pace and missing 'it' due to worry about, well, everything...

I have really enjoyed the dead days this year - just watching and being with the people I love. It has made me want to keep this year 'simple'. To find the 'contentment' in the moment not to search for Contentment as a being in the long run. Without sounding too maudling, I have lately felt a great sense of Time, and more to the point, its passing - another wave of anxiety. This may, in some part, be due to the fact that my daily life is surrounded by many elderly ladies, whom are all treasures, but all are daily examples of how dealing with ageing and it's not so glamorous processes is hardwork. With a focus always on the future, getting through to the next step, I worry that I forget about now, and in reality that is all I have. What if I keep missing it?

All this has made me think I want a simpler 2015 finding the contented moments. Here is a journal cover inspired by The Original Documented Life 2015.

My first 'in the moment' page is in development...
Thank you for calling's wishing you a 2015 of what you require.
Cherry x