Sunday, 30 August 2015


I can't quite believe that it is the end of August already and all the beautiful summer pictures are being replaced in blog land by thoughts of Christmas - deeply scary.

I have enjoyed August for the quiet and the gentle pace. I am re-discovering the love of SLOW, both literally and metaphorically. It is odd to think that I would usually be gearing up at this point for the hectic term ahead, but instead this year I find myself watching others doing this with no need to do it myself. I am enjoying that my SLOW is going to continue and I am going to dance to the beat of my own music for a little while longer.

Fond farewell August I have enjoyed you.

I hope you have enjoyed August too.

Thanks for stopping in. C xxx

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sound of the sea...

Is truly amazing. I love the sound of oyster catchers and curlews alongside the rhythmic tidal sounds. Sometimes the solitude of a Hebridean Island is the only tonic - even if the weather is variable.

Happiness this morning is sitting with a cuppa enjoying the subtle colours and the sound of the sea.

Happy Sunday whatever that is for you.
C xxx

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Catching up with DLP

Managed to finish weeks 10 and 11 today hooray. Only another 20 pages to complete to be up to date!

Week ten was "Surviving the Elements"

With layering as the technique. I used old book pages, brushos, Neocrayons II and acrylics.


Week eleven was "I feel I'm losing my mind." Using borders.

I made use of some tags and Dylusions Paints lent to me by the wonderful Debs. You can find Debs' work on her blog here.

Another lovely day here - I could get use to this, hopefully!

Hugs C xxx


Saturday, 8 August 2015

Quiet days are...

bliss. I love being at home and just pottering. The warmth today has been a real treat - a lovely English summer's day when you can have windows and doors open. Having grilled sweetcorn for lunch was another quiet moment of  joy. As was using prismacolour pencils
and Debbie Bliss wool. Knitting is not new to me, but it is a skill I feel I am still at a beginner's level with.

What created moments of joy for you today?

Happy Saturday. Cherry x

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Restarting the habit of blogging...

It has been six months since I blogged. Having been out with my good pal Kathy (Purple Princess Diaries) yesterday, she pointed out that my blog was being neglected. It feels right to restart using it at this moment in time. However, I am, as usual, unclear about how well this will go. I love reading other blogs and am in awe of the creativity and lives that others live. I am not sure of how to use my own blog at the moment. I used to love using pictures and including bits and bobs from my attempts at crafting.

I may be over thinking this and should probably just dive in and start...

At the moment I am loving listening to First Aid Kit's 'Stay Gold' album and am taking some lyrics to drive me forward:
"I don't want to wait anymore I'm tired of looking for answers/ take me some place where there's music and there's laughter/ I don't know if I'm scared of dying but I'm scared of living too fast, too slow/ regret, remorse, hold on, oh no I've got to go/ there's no starting over, no new beginnings, time races on/ and you've just gotta keep on keeping on..." If you want to listen go here.

This blog is I think me just keeping on keeping on...

Yesterday, as I said, Kathy and I had a day out. We visited the lovely Pink Tulip shop in Studley.
We had a great morning and were looked after and we did a little shopping of course...

My has been a while since I purchased anything!

We then had lunch at The Oak in Upton Snodsbury - absolutely yummy and relaxed. Check them out here. We can highly recommend the food, especially the desserts with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream, Kathy had the waffles and I had the brownie.

Today has been a stay at home morning playing with some of the products. I have managed to finish Week 12 DLP - yes I am that far behind! They are on week 31 eek. 

Coming into focus...

 Loving the Visible Images butterfly.

I am also enjoying the Mindfulness Colouring Book by Emma Farrarons. 

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you are keeping on keeping on...
Cherry xxx