Thursday, 11 April 2013

How to use the blog?

I really enjoy following other blogs and am fascinated by the thoughts of others. I love seeing beautiful creations shared through words and images. I am continually moved by moments shared and challenged to think about what it is to be. There are so many beautiful people all doing their best out there and I feel empowered by reading their posts.

This is then constantly challenged by the time and self-belief issues - I want to comment, create and share - yet feel continually thwarted by the stuff I feel I have to do before I can do these activities. I also think much of the procrastination is a lack of allowing myself to be creative because i am no good. After a year and half of returning to work I still haven't reached a happy compromise yet. Will I ever? I am beginning to think not...

This is a statement to myself, it is how it is.

Thank you to all the lovely blog posters and thank you to those who pop by here and most of all thank you to my friends who stop and comment here. Your time and thoughts are treasured.

This card is inspired by a great piece in Craft Stamper Magazine by Jo Firth- Young. Her designs are amazing.
Three creative experiences I recommend and am personally enjoying are:
I am really loving Tam's Lifebook 2013 - it is challenging and fun.

She Art 3 by Christy Tomlinson is a fab course and again is helping to challenge the drawing fear.

Art Doodle Love book by Dawn Sokol is fabulously creative and interactive.

I am doing more than I think and am aiming for 10minutes of creative fun a day come what may... Embracing imperfection as I go.

How do you all use your blogs?

This is a rambling post, thanks for sticking around.

Hugs Cherry xxxx