Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Life book 2013

In the attempt to ignite and stay focused this year I have embarked on the lovely Tam's Life book 2013 class. I am a little daunted about the year long commitment but I have decided it would be motivating and a way of allowing myself time to do something other than work. Pop over and have a look at what Tam offers here Here is a sneek peek...

It is way out of my comfort zone but I am loving it. Fairy Art Mother/Father (I chose mother) has been our warm up activity.

I needed to do two! I am interested in everyone's styles...not sure of my own at all. The whole concept of positivity and looking at the benefits has left me pondering about that negative voice in my head. Where did it come from and how did it get to be so loud? Why do I give it so much control?

We are off to our friend tonight for a good social eve. Catch you all tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by. C xxx



  1. Love these Cherry - ignore the negative voice x

  2. Looking good, Cherry. I think you need to put that negative voice back in its box and let the positive one get a look in matey!

    Happy New Your and keep journaling - this is going to be awesome!


  3. Well done you on embarking on a journey that will make you happy and hopefully shut that negative voice up for good. Loving what you've done so far - will follow your link and check it out myself. Enjoy that evening out.


  4. look great cherry. good luck with life book. x

  5. These are super Cherry and well done for embarking on the project course. I'm sure you will do great on it and looking forward to seeing what you do.
    Glad to have found your blog from the bubble.
    x catherine

  6. Positive thinking is deffinitely the way forward and the more you take control the quieter that voice will get. I'm really pleased for you, that realisation that you are stuck in a rut is a big hump and one we all get now and again. Take the bull by the horns and have a beautiful, creative, happy and healthy year.
    Hugs, Katie x


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