Thursday, 11 April 2013

How to use the blog?

I really enjoy following other blogs and am fascinated by the thoughts of others. I love seeing beautiful creations shared through words and images. I am continually moved by moments shared and challenged to think about what it is to be. There are so many beautiful people all doing their best out there and I feel empowered by reading their posts.

This is then constantly challenged by the time and self-belief issues - I want to comment, create and share - yet feel continually thwarted by the stuff I feel I have to do before I can do these activities. I also think much of the procrastination is a lack of allowing myself to be creative because i am no good. After a year and half of returning to work I still haven't reached a happy compromise yet. Will I ever? I am beginning to think not...

This is a statement to myself, it is how it is.

Thank you to all the lovely blog posters and thank you to those who pop by here and most of all thank you to my friends who stop and comment here. Your time and thoughts are treasured.

This card is inspired by a great piece in Craft Stamper Magazine by Jo Firth- Young. Her designs are amazing.
Three creative experiences I recommend and am personally enjoying are:
I am really loving Tam's Lifebook 2013 - it is challenging and fun.

She Art 3 by Christy Tomlinson is a fab course and again is helping to challenge the drawing fear.

Art Doodle Love book by Dawn Sokol is fabulously creative and interactive.

I am doing more than I think and am aiming for 10minutes of creative fun a day come what may... Embracing imperfection as I go.

How do you all use your blogs?

This is a rambling post, thanks for sticking around.

Hugs Cherry xxxx



  1. Hi Cherry! I know exactly where you are coming from! Thinking about my blog and the balancing act...I often feel that my blog is pointless and I have lost my way with it. I post things willy nilly but don't have the time to be as reflective as I would like to be. I spend so much of my time at work reflecting and thinking about how to improve my practice that I forget that I have a creative life too and I don't make time for it as I would wish to. I often feel that I'm losing touch with my crafty friends as well. Life is so busy and demanding. We really need to, once in a while, step back and smell the roses and just be. Being in touch with your innermost thoughts and feelings is at the heart of creativity and perhaps finding that creative you more often, as you have done here, will make those self-doubts vanish in to thin air where they belong. Your work is beautiful and so are you. xxxx

  2. cherry lots of fabulous project. so pleased you have managed to squeeze in some crafting this hols. blogging, well it does take a lots of time. but i don't blog everything anymore and also because my projects are fewer/take longer. i am going with what i hope is quality over quantity! but it is a nice way of giving and receiving nice comments and see what everyone else is up to. x

  3. hmmmm I use mine for dt work, crafty makes and charity..very rarely put anything personal on, not even family pics. I suppose there are just some things I would rather keep private but I am a hypocrite as I love reading others people's blogs be it crafty/organisational/funny!
    I don't blog anything that I make that I don't like but think that is a self criticism thing.
    I love the way you express yourself through your journalling and go with the flow.. I need more time or less work/less study. I think it must be very hard to get a balance when you have work commitments and a family, so well done to you for giving yourself a time out!
    Love your makes! x

  4. I mainly use mine as somewhere to show my creative work....though I do throw in a bit of 'life' as well. Time.....and confidence....are the enemies of us all.
    These projects are gorgeous,Cherry.....and highlight just how creative you are.

  5. What a lovely Blog post Cherry. I find it hard knowing what to share, when to share it and also -how much is too much? As we are putting ourselves "out there" you need to think about safety (hence why I never really reveal where I am until I'm back!) A nice precaution. I think people respond to reality, everyone is in the same boat and a little day to day life thrown in is a good balance.
    Absolutely more of your wonderful creations, time depending.
    Hugs, Katie xx

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  7. Hi Cherry -
    You were my blog neighbor tonight for a while, and I noticed you're also a carmaker and a sporadic blogger. As I explained in my post tonight, every time my artsy shop gets busy, I totally ignore my blog. Then, when sales are lean, I run back to my donnapaperscissors blog - kind of like the high school girl with the rebound boyfriend!

  8. Hi Cherry, just stopping by to say "HI" and can't believe I missed this post before.

    See you Sunday morning - 9-9:30 matey


  9. Forgot to say .... fabulous projects too



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