Saturday, 18 January 2014

Lifebook 2014 Warming Up

Lifebook 2014 started on January 1st. It is a fabulous experience and I love the different lessons and that I can work at my pace. Thank you Tam and Gracie.

The warm up class was interesting and fab.

Half way through lesson one and dreaming of completing lesson two! Lesson three is fascinating - can't wait.

Hope January is being kind to you all. It is my least favourite time of year but I am trying to see the beauty this year. Driving through flood water is becoming an everyday occurrence here at the moment, on my way to work there are three places where I could do with a boat. The light has been stunning some mornings and evenings and the deer showed up on Friday crossing the lane.

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  1. Great page! Flooding here too but managing to avoid it...trying to come up with some inspiration for the shoebox! x

  2. Looks like an interesting warm up this year. Enjoy life book, hope you are surviving the term so far. X

  3. Loving the sludgy colours use here to great effect - another triumph matey



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