Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Half Term Catch Up

I have been catching up on life over the last two days as it is half term. Lifebook course is fantastic and makes Mondays really exciting as the new lessons are released. They are helping me to learn new techniques and appreciate process not outcome more. 'Freedom' is my word of the year, and LB is enabling me to free myself from critical voices and responsibilities, in a healthy way.

Lesson four was a layered process that intimidated me alittle, but Kelly Hoernig made it straightforward.

Week Five was Tam's great spray ink lessons which initially I thought 'no way' can I do that. However, her step by step approach really worked for me and I have done it and really learnt lots.


I really like my face. Looking forward to starting lessons seven and eight now...only two behind!

I am working on Joanne Sharpe's 'Draw My Year 2014' too. Having joined Pinterest I have also found some great inspiration, including Vicky Papaioannou. Here is a sneak peek of a page in progress...

LO is also busy making a Tudor house, out of boxes, with her Grandfather 'Seanair' as part of a school project. She is really enjoying it and concentrating well whilst telling us lots about the Great Fire of London.


Enjoying the moment is working most of the time, I am giving up only an hour or two everyday, this keeps the anxiety at bay. We have enjoyed walking, talking and throwing stones in the sea so far, as well as making fire and seeing Stags running. Here's to the rest of the holiday. Thanks for stopping by and wishing you enjoyment of your moments this week. Cherry XXX



  1. Sounds like a fabulous break from it all. Great makes and your face is gorgeous. X

  2. great makes - sounds like a fun week with lo - I have seen some of Vicky's work - it is fabulous x

  3. Your face is great. She has such a serene quality. LOVE those tudor houses. What a great project. I kinda wish I could make some too :oD Looking forward to seeing you soon. Lx

  4. great journal pages. I really love the one with the bird on it. Super Tudor house. looks like your LO is following in her mum's footprints and being very creative.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your half term x

  5. I haven't really got into layering in my AJ yet . . .mainly cuz I don't really know how to go about it! You've done a fab job. xxx


Thanks for stopping by today - comments are really appreciated. Here's sending love back to you. Hugs Cherry XXX