Saturday, 3 January 2015


Happy New Year. Christmas has flown by - well it did for me - I tried really hard to grab the moments and be in the present. I felt moments of anxiety at the pace and missing 'it' due to worry about, well, everything...

I have really enjoyed the dead days this year - just watching and being with the people I love. It has made me want to keep this year 'simple'. To find the 'contentment' in the moment not to search for Contentment as a being in the long run. Without sounding too maudling, I have lately felt a great sense of Time, and more to the point, its passing - another wave of anxiety. This may, in some part, be due to the fact that my daily life is surrounded by many elderly ladies, whom are all treasures, but all are daily examples of how dealing with ageing and it's not so glamorous processes is hardwork. With a focus always on the future, getting through to the next step, I worry that I forget about now, and in reality that is all I have. What if I keep missing it?

All this has made me think I want a simpler 2015 finding the contented moments. Here is a journal cover inspired by The Original Documented Life 2015.

My first 'in the moment' page is in development...
Thank you for calling's wishing you a 2015 of what you require.
Cherry x



  1. Happy New Year Cherry. What a wonderful post. It has really struck a chord. Your artwork is beautiful. You always make me want to journal. Lx

  2. May you find peace "in the moment" matey

    Your tree and projects look fantabulous.

    Happy New Year - hope to catch up with you in person soon too


  3. I know exactly what you mean Cherry. I've felt it this Christmas too.xx Beautiful words and work lovely lady. Xx

  4. Loving your journal cover and page. The new job has lots of elderly/demented people and there really is NOTHING glamorous about getting older. Hope you managed to enjoy the moment with your family xx

  5. I totally get it Cherry. Hence my harsh decision to stop blogging. I can't tell you how inspired I feel, I feel free which I know probably sounds daft. It's a nice feeling.
    Like you I'm constantly aware of time, how much has already passed and how grown up my kids look each and every day. I can't quite keep up. I hope this step, for me will help me to relax and enjoy the moments rather than record them.
    I hope you find a happy medium in your daily life to help you too. Sometimes you just have to open your eyes, as what you want is already there.
    Best wishes to you and your family Cherry.
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog post.
    Katie xx
    P.S. Your illustrations are stunning.


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