Sunday, 30 August 2015


I can't quite believe that it is the end of August already and all the beautiful summer pictures are being replaced in blog land by thoughts of Christmas - deeply scary.

I have enjoyed August for the quiet and the gentle pace. I am re-discovering the love of SLOW, both literally and metaphorically. It is odd to think that I would usually be gearing up at this point for the hectic term ahead, but instead this year I find myself watching others doing this with no need to do it myself. I am enjoying that my SLOW is going to continue and I am going to dance to the beat of my own music for a little while longer.

Fond farewell August I have enjoyed you.

I hope you have enjoyed August too.

Thanks for stopping in. C xxx


  1. Enjoy the slow while it lasts. Fab photos. Xx

  2. Looks pretty idyllic to me. Beautiful photo's. Goodness how they grow! Your dictionary journalling is great. Hope to see more of that. Lx

  3. Looks like slow ROCK! Loving your pix both of your family time and your "Cherry" time journaling

    Happy Bank Holiday Monday .... is it raining with you too?



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