Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Week Twenty - nearly!

May already and the sun is shining a little more and the colours are becoming more varied.

Joy this month...

 Rae Missingman's 30 day mark making.

Start of Curious Handmade's ( Helen Stewart) The Shawl Society II on 4th May with her Fairyhill Shawl

I'm using a Canadian Yarn called Rebel by Vivid Yarn 
Studio. Julia's yarns are lovely. My Fae are dangerous punks obviously!

First time I have beaded too. I am really enjoying it.

Blossom and leaves and more blue skys

Cross stitching by DD1

Cross stitching by me

We have loved getting new shoes...

Knitting socks...

Being together...

DD1 sewing.

A trip to Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire to a Spring Sale full of lovely things. One of my friends came with me and we met up with one of her old school friends who does lovely watercolours. It was a lovely day and I had to get a memory treasure.

I've been reading...

Hope your last five weeks have bought you some joy...
See you in week twenty five! C xxx


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