Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Still playing with Adobe photoshop 7.0

Trying to get to grips with this program and what to do with it. Playing with photos I took on Sat in a bluebell wood. Made a tag using layering and acetate with photo and some lines of poetry. Going to see what other effects I can create later as Tilly has woken up. We had a great morning with my NCT group at a play area this morning so she was exhausted! XXX


  1. Please pass on to me all you learn!!!
    Got this for xmas and ashamed to admit haven't plucked up courage to start using it[though I think mine is Elements].

  2. Will do Jacky, I know what you mean they are not very welcoming and quite complicated. But I am getting there and I think there will be some good effects. You should pluck up your courage and have a play. XXX


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