Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Steampunk ATC for The Scrappy Tree

Safety Fly Costumes
This is my ATC for The Scarppy Tree steampunk ATC project.
This is a totally new concept to me but I really enjoyed playing with the TH sprockets and collage sheets and ink and GAs and doodling. You get the picture. I also really liked researching the concept - I've learnt quite alot and had my imagination fired too - can't be bad can it.
What's firing you up at the moment?


  1. It was a completely new idea to me too; but I thought it sounded pretty cool! I love what you've done with it

  2. I'd never heard of it either....but what you've done is great.

  3. I HAVE heard of it and you've done a fantastic job Cherry. I love it. Look forward to seeing some more of this sort of thing from you now you've shown us how good you are at it. Lauren x

  4. Oooh Cherry that is just one gorgeous ATC, I love it. Now it's got me all fired up wanting to have a go at steampunk - I've never done it, but I love TH. Got some of his new dies today so definitely want to get playing.
    Take care. LOL Bxxx

  5. Great ATC. Isnt Steampunk fun! You can come up with so many cool inventions that don't even have to work! LOL. Thanks for your recent visit!

  6. turned out really well, better yet, you were fired up! fabulous!

    what's a GA?



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