Monday, 4 October 2010

Bubbles in the sun

We were given a bubble machine yesterday and as today has been gloriously sunny we decided to try it out. These are some of my favourite shots from today. There is something very frivolous about bubbles and I love them. It was quite a learning curve about shooting them! Not sure I chose the appropriate lens (macro). Any tips for better shots?

I did learn that planning and preparation may have been needed to think more carefully about what would get in the way and dealing with positioning of the machine and the light/dark spots in the garden. Definitely some learning today.

Hope you have managed one frivolous thing today too.


  1. I really like the one of your littley and the out of focus bubbles up close.


  2. Lovely photos! :0) Jane xx

  3. these are lovely, you are gonna have such gorgeous pics to look back on with your little girl x

  4. Beautiful! You never grow out of bubbles do you... Lx

  5. You got some great shots...bubbles are very difficult to photograph. It's easier if you get the children to blow bubbles in the bathtub and photograph them there. I have one of my grandosn holding a bubble the size of a cantalope in his wet hand. It looks like a crystal ball. I bet you'll try this again.

  6. Beautiful Cherry, what a precious moment captured on camera.
    Katie x

  7. great photos and i love your daughters denim jumper dress!!!

  8. great piccies, looks like you had heaps of fun

    judie xx

  9. Hi Cherry, have missed you blogging for a few weeks, hope everything is ok and you're just taking a well earned break.
    Caroline xxx


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