Saturday, 16 April 2011

Gardens and horses

Over the next few posts expect to see some holiday snaps - you have been warned!

Today has been lovely and LO and I sat in the garden making Easter gardens for her great grandparents. This was great as we missed all the hot weather as on our holiday it was rather windy and rainy - typical. At three the attention-span is rather limited so mummy had to help a bit but she liked the results anyway. We hope the recipients do as well.

These are the rather lovely horses that lived outside our holiday home on the rather magical isle of Harris at sunset when it had for once stopped blowing a gale and raining!

Finally LO took this rather cute photo today of her inflatable tiger, everyone should have one I think

Hope you are all having a great Saturday whatever you have been up to. Xxx


  1. great pics, i think you're right we should all have an inflatable tiger.....and shark :)

  2. Loving the inflatable pet! Great horse photo and a fab project for you and your littley, Cherry - good to have you back


  3. Awh what a cute little tiger! love those Easter gardens, there's something about those pom poms that always make me smile. xx


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