Friday, 15 April 2011

Holiday Journal Pages

Whilst away I decided that I should re-aquaint myself with art journaling. It is something I really liked doing but just haven't kept up but have wanted to. I sometimes get stuck - to worried about not being good enough and not having the right ideas and not having the time... Having read some art journaling blogs I was inspired to have another go focusing on process and not end result and by doing ten minutes a day of that's all you have. I have to say this approach really helped and I had fun with a limited amount of supplies as we were away.

All I took was my journal with some preprepared pages, some mags, some water-soluble crayons, White and black pens, White gesso, tim holtz stamps and black ink. I picked up bits and pieces from our travels too.

I have learnt quite a lot doing these and enjoyed the contemplation and thought-process - will keep this up if I can. The thing I really liked is using colour and texture.

Hope everyone is well. Thanks for stopping by I really appreciate it. Cherry XxX


  1. These are fabulous Cherry. I can see why you enjoy it. Welcome back btw. We've missed you. Lx

  2. Lovely colours and you journal looks fabulous Cherry.

    Lauren's right - we did miss you, welcome back matey


  3. wow these are fantastic! i wouldn't know where to start! i agree with the others, nice to see you back x

  4. wonderful cherry. hope you had a lovely holiday. x

  5. Beautiful Cherry, I love the feel about these. Nice to have you back too. xx


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