Thursday, 16 June 2011

Thursday 16th June ...


Sliding and ...


Then a drink...

Mmmmmm a mocha for me please.

Then a place that frequents intervals in my life more than I would wish for supplies...

Later there was...


Sill to come a little time to read...


What was good about your day? I wonder what the wonders of tomorrow will be?

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  1. All sorts of things were good about my day thank you Cherry - not all good but lots of good things - a lovely dinner, some shopping and some quality time spent with hubby - oh, and CRAFTING too!

    Happy Friday!


  2. I love mocha as well....and I did get a bit of crafting time today.

  3. hmmm getting my new images stamped....thats prob about it ho hum, oh away on conference x

  4. LOL I love the shot of Tesco! I can't wait to go there next weekend that's the first place I'll be heading....Bannoffe Pie YUMMM!
    Great pics Cherry, love the swinging pic it's so natural.
    Have a great weekend Cherry.
    Hugs, Katie x


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