Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Technical hitch

I want to post pics of my doodle page as I need some advice. However, other half is doing technical stuff to the computer and now my iPad won't talk to the picture file-doh. So will hopefully be back up and running tomorrow. Off back to work tomorrow so hopefully I will still have some spare time. Have a good day whatever you are up to. Hugs C XXx


  1. thanks for the lovely comment....hmmm well i don't have any of the stuff i would need for aj and not sure how confident i am about doodling...may try and get some practice in before craftathon!!

  2. Debs - you SHOULD have a go - utilise what you have. I found it quite liberating ..... once I got in to it!

    WTG Cherry - looking forward to seeing the finished piece

    GOOD LUCK today, on your return to work



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