Sunday, 5 February 2012

A weekend of crafting, chatter and creativity

A really exciting and creative Craftathon 2012 has come and gone. Thank you to Kathy, Wynneth, Debs, Clare and Nicola. I loved Clare's canvas workshop - great to have the courage and support to try this. Rubber gloves and inky mess was fabulous Kathy, I really enjoyed seeing all those colours mixing, not to mention the fumes!

Food and company just topped it all off. Oh and a little shopping on the way home, well....

Thanks for stopping by. Hugs Cherry xxx


  1. It was a wonderful weekend and so good to meet you! Have a good week just keep thinking one week til half term! Well done on bagging some new stash on the way home! xx

  2. just a few things then! great weekend, looking forward to the next one already x

  3. THAT sooooooooooooo does not look like "one or two items"!!!!

    You're not wrong - it was a fab weekend and so great we all managed to make the weekend such fun. Huge thanks to you for tackling our fears regarding shrink plastic too, matey.


  4. It really does look like you all had a fantastic time Cherry. Great photo's and you got a great haul of stash on your way home too. Lx

  5. Looks fab and great photos. Glad you all really enjoyed it.xx

  6. I nearly had a heart attack then - thought you'd nabbed my papermania card pack ;) Loving the new purchases. It was fab, great to meet you - you are the shrink plastic queen!!

    Nic x


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