Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Project Four of Mini and Alpha Challenge

Clare's project four was a HOT challenge indeed. I had to improvise as my glass slide was a square and I had an idea. I am hoping my swap partner will not mind my idiosyncratic interpretation.

I stamped using acrylic paint on the back then on the front - all was well. Then came the edging with embossing and that is where I dropped the slide, burnt my fingers and got my tweezers well and truly embossed in gold sparkle! Clare made it look calm and simple - I made it look like a slap stick comedy. My LO was unimpressed and walked off muttering "mummy you are in big trouble this time!".

I think I over embossed and was worried I had ruined it. I left it over night and made my stamped bee using acrylic mustard seed, sticklers and GAs.

Having returned to the slide today I decided it was workable so this is my finished fridge magnet.



I quite like it.

I thought I would also have a go at doing an altered dictionary as featured by The Craft Barn's Alpha Challenge. This is just for me to play in. I thought it might help even when I am back at work as it is more structured and compact. I have decided to follow the letters on The Craft Barn site but I won't be entering as this is just fun for me. Anyway the letter is 'D' and my word is 'Draughts'.

Thanks for stopping by. Hugs Cherry x



  1. love your fab interpretation of the project and the dictionary looks great! x

  2. Well your glass slide looks great! Hope your fingers survived! Your LO comment made me chuckle. Glad to see you have had some serious craft time this hols. X

  3. YAY! This glass slide is terrific - your LO was wrong - mummy was NOT in big trouble!!!

    Dictionary challenge is looking great too - I hope to dash out and acquire one in a charity shop tomorrow too


  4. Your magnet is so beautiful - I love all the little details. Great dictionary spread too.
    Thanks for popping by.

  5. Oh Cherry, that's so precious!
    Love the photos from Kathy's Blog, looks like you all had such a blast. So nice to see you all crafting together.
    Katie x


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