Sunday, 13 September 2015

September 1st - 13th

September has been getting used to a new schedule and a new routine. The house is changing, school runs have been introduced, new places to craft, knitting and generally getting used to not going to work and becoming less mobile.

How has the beginning of September been for you?

C xxx


  1. Not as hectic as yours though my craft location has changed too! Well done on sounding so calm about the upheaval at yours - it will ALL be worth it soon, mate!

    Take care


  2. Looking very busy where you are Cherry. September always seems to herald new beginnings doesn't it. Exciting new times ahead :oD Lx

  3. I always think of September as new beginnings and it certainly has been for me; change, learning new things - exciting times! x

  4. Sounds like new changes with you Cherry. It is true september is the month for changes for most of us - especially with going back to schools etc. Big changes for me this time as it is me going back to college !
    x catherine

  5. Hope September was the start of a great time for you all


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