Thursday, 29 December 2016

2016 - Week 52

Journal 52 hosted by Effy and Sarah ends this week and has been an interesting project to do. I have to confess to completing upto week 32 - starting week 33 and resuming this week due to a family need. I hope that the team do it in 2017 and I am hoping to do closer to the 52 weeks. Just playing to a theme with the supplies at hand has been freeing and has taught me lots about what my supplies can do.
Week 51 Celebrate

Thank to my crafting SS for a lovely gift which I am planning on using in my new journal play.

During the year I have continued my sock knitting as that was one of my New Year's wishes from this year. I have managed to knit four complete pairs of socks. Two sets of fingerless mittens have been completed too. Not the largest number of knits in the world but a start which has got to be better than not starting at all.
The last pair was a Christmas gift so I was pleased to finish them. They are the
most intricate to date with a cable pattern.

There has been baking too...

There has been much play...

And some sadness...
I want to continue looking at doing in 2017 and learning new skills. I wonder what you want to do in 2017? I would be interested to know.

I have started with a new sock pattern by Helen Stewart which I cast on on Christmas Eve (this is a tradition started by Little Bobbins of Little Bobbins Knits on Instagram). I am enjoying this but realise how slow I am as some folks have finished their pair already! I am on 15%of sock one!!!!!

Have a good week 52 and hopefully I will see you in week 1 of 2017! Happy New Year's Eve.
Cherry xxxx

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  1. Wow effy and sarah are the artists, done beautiful job there. Loved all the things made by them, thank you for sharing them with us


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