Saturday, 19 March 2016

Mini Book Swap

Some of my uber talented crafting buddies decided to do a mini book swap. It has been so much fun and as it ended yesterday it has been fabulous watching all the different techniques and approaches appear.

The lovely Lilian and Debs sent me theirs and I love them both. Lilian's Spring inspired book.


Deb's button book - how cute is this...

I decided on some wood cut frames, watercolours, inchie stamps and a quote about friendship.

I absolutely loved this swap. Thank you to Clare for organising it.


  1. WOWser, loved the incoming and outgoing books, it WAS a fun swap wasn't it?


  2. All fabulous. Absolutely loved this swap. Lx

  3. I really loved to see what others made of the swap and it was great,


  4. lovely book swap with some of the most amazing pieces ^_^ i love the one with the stripped ribbon on it! i love seeing posts like these, this really made my day.

  5. This mini bookk swap thing is not new fr me. It reminded me about my school friends we used to designs and write special words or may be some memories in those scrap books and swap with each other as memories. I still have few.


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