Sunday, 5 February 2017

Week Five

Making cards...

Finishing Agleam shawl by Lisa Mutch...

Sock knitting...

31 day art mark challenge by Rae Missingman... 

Sewing bags...

Starting a new shawl...

February has arrived.  A meeting at work has taken place, a nursery place has been found and the snowdrops have begun to appear on our walks. A passing of time is a real thing and creativity is helping to heal the raw places. The sun provided a welcome warmth yesterday. C xxx


  1. Such lovely projects cherry and fab words too. Thank goodness for creativity! Take care. X

  2. Woo Hoo, what a splendidly creative post, Cherry, great to see too. The shawl and socks look fabulous - hope you will share the finished bags too. Loving the cards (and sweets) and journal page too.

    See you soon


  3. wow lots of creating going on here - love it all!! x

  4. What a lovely set of projects there. You are so talented



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