Saturday, 11 March 2017

Week Ten

What have you been up to since week five? I hope you have been enjoying each day as it comes, even if it is just the small moments. Finding the JOY in the now is my year long mission...

JOY has been found in...

Snow Melt MKAL by Helen Stewart (Curious Handmade).

 Clue One

Clue Two


Clue Three

A birthday and obsession with Trolls and a school residential trip

Clue Four

Knitting on socks...

Making cards...

I'm still listening to Leonard Cohen and I'm about to start re-reading Sense and Sensibility. I am also reading Simon Armitage's 'Walking Away'

Find Joy in what you do. - see you in Week Fifteen.
Cherry xxxx


  1. ...and this is a joyous post. So many lovely things to look at. Lx

  2. ooh love all the things!! Especially the shawl and feather cards tho!!!

  3. HOW did I miss this post? Especially since it so full of good stuff! Happy (belated) birthday to Tills, loving the socks and the fab shawl. I used to have trolls .. would you believe I had one with PURPLE hair? No? Me either!!! The cake looked fab as did your feathered cards. Leonard Cohen? Sorry I can't share your love of him but .... my neighbour is a HUGE fan and travelled abroad to see him in concert ... best I stop commenting now as I appear to be rambling!

    Happy Sunday


  4. That is really cool post, loved all of your works, you did really well. Thank you for sharing it with us and keep posting such posts


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