Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Biscornu pack has arrived

I recommend Polstitches - I can't believe my Polstitches biscornu 'Amazing Grace' has arrived already. I am so excited. But I'm not allowed to start until friday as it is a birthday pressie from DH. It will be my first biscornu - how wrong can I go!

On Craftbubble saw a link to a french site with a cool biscofleur ( sort of Tulip shaped biscornu - already thinking ahead!

Having spent most of yesterday setting this blog up I need to go and do some stitching to post! However I have realised how addictive blog hopping is!

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  1. You'll soon find that blog hopping is totally addictive!!!!
    Sometimes I even have to remind myself to stop looking at blogs and go and craft!!!


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