Saturday, 4 April 2009

Broach kit

DH gave me this kit yesterday for my B'day - had a spare moment today and I think it has turned out quite well. I would definitely be tempted to try other kits from this range. I might even get some more material and make a few as presents to go with cards.

Kit was from


  1. What a lovely present...and a belated 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'....I love this...would like to make one myself...what range is it from?
    In answer to your question about how I make cards so fast....I do it when I should be doing other things!!!! It's just so least I'm never short of a card when I need one!!!!

  2. Sorry...I've now noticed you put what kit it was...I obviously need new glasses!!!1

  3. Me again...have now been and looked at the site and they've got some lovely little kits...will definately go back there.


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