Tuesday, 2 March 2010

An interesting idea? Just a thought...

An expression of the conscious or unconscious mind?
I'm not sure as this is my first attempt in a while - but I've read a few interesting ideas and have seen some interesting uses of said items. I think they could be incorporated into many creations and re-used. I'm looking forward to seeing where they might lead.
How do you use them?

I'm sure that with practice the conscious will become unconscious and the outcome may be more surprising, but we will see. This post is a musing rather than anything else but I wanted to record the thinking and the process.


  1. Not sure what part of the mind they come from...lots of theories I think....but they are always interesting.....I know I tend to doodle when bored in meetings or classes!!!
    I agree that they could be used in many creations....very useful in art journals maybe?

  2. If I could doodle like you Cherry I would be a very happy bunny. Unfortunately mine always look like scribble.

    B x

  3. Cool doodle.

    Zentangles/ zendoodling, is a little more mindful than unconscious doddling. But I think you're supposed to get to a point where you are in a Flow state of mind. Or at the very least, relaxed. :)

    My first ones weren't because I've never been a dooodler, so had to think of what to do. Now I alternate.


  4. This is a great idea Cherry. They would be great on cards, an idea?
    I love your new look blog too xx

  5. I wish I could doodle like that! I love what you've done. Wish I could draw..

  6. Come and see my blog. I have nominated you for a 'sunshine' blog award. ClareX

  7. The last time I doodled I created flourishes and haven't done it for a while. But you've got me thinking I ought to carry a small sketch book around with me and give myself permission to doodle when there is a moment to do so. Thanks Cherry. Luv Bxx

  8. What a fantastic doodle :) I don't think mine quite look like that!


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