Saturday, 27 March 2010

Returning to home.

We've enjoyed a lovely week in Northumberland and have returned home with a mixture of happiness and sadness. 'The winds of change' certainly at work. I love the sea and the changing nature it has upon the landscape and the time. I so enjoy being by its power and its rythmic song. I also love returning home.
Whilst away I managed a little time to create and have made a couple of journal pages - this one uses acrylic and watercolour paint. The castle is taken from the trip to Dunstanburgh Castle which is a ruin. I really like it because it is a ruin and in the most wonderful position. This page is about abandonment/freedom and security/captivity and my changing thoughts upon them.

Hope you are well and enjoying the journey.


  1. glad to hear you had a good week away! love your journal pages. ClareX


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