Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Paper Bag Album

Kristin over at The Scrappy Tree is hosting a paper bag album project . I've never made one but thought they looked fun. I collected my bags (mine have handles - not sure if this is a mistake) and put them together following the instructions - which was simpler than expected - hooray.
On Sunday I painted all the pages using watercolours. The LO helped and created her own masterpieces - she really enjoyed getting the paper really wet and slamming the paintbrush down so the paint splattered (we were in the garden!). I think her work will make great Easter cards when cut up and mounted.
Yesterday and today I began to put the page one together. The theme is SPRING. I've chosen the hope I feel at this time when the greeness returns to this part of the world. I wonder how it feels in other places? The lines are from a poem attributed to both Henry Constable and Henry Chettle, wildly romantic and slightly cliched. Can't escape the pull of poetry in my work.
I've mainly doodled around two Joanna Sheen stamps (Flower and Messy Rabbit).
Enjoyed watercolours, inks, pens, Sparkles and fibres on this one.
Have started page two - focusing on the Skylark - as we heard a few in Northumberland and it really is a joyous spring/summer sound.

I can't say Spring is my favourite time of year but having some time to think about it has made me see it differently - just taking the time to note the changes and distinguish the sounds is lovely.
What do you like about Spring and what is significant to you about it where you live I wonder?
Take good care and see you soon. XXX

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