Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Where does the time go?
Not much crafting or experimenting in the last couple of weeks - so I have little to share. Sometimes life just is what it is - so I am not stressing about this and I know there will be time ... sometime.
Little person and I did make some cakes yesterday because it rained so I thought I would share them instead. It was a lovely activity which we both enjoyed in a rather sticky icky way.
My internet friends have gone and created a new group called 'Crafting mad and loving it' on Craftbubble and they have introduced a WOYWW thread - so here is a before and after tidy shot.

It is in our garage - but this does mean I can be messy and noisey - in fact it's a bit like being a teenager again - a room of my own - which is a bit odd when you have a house. It obviously says a lot about me that I like the garage!
The other bit of news is that I purchased Audrey Niffenegger's new novel today (I had missed that she had written one up to this piont!). I hope it will be good. Got to finish 'The Children's Book' first - I am enjoying it but I am just so slow at reading at the moment.
Well I hope you are all well and creating what you need to create or resting as you need to rest or thinking as you need to think.


  1. Well, makes a nice change to see the garage taken over by the lady of the house instead of the guy!!!
    The cakes look great...that used to be a favourite activity when my kids were little...tend to avoid it now, as I eat too many of them myself!!

  2. How lovely to be able to take over the garage for such a fun activity. Pass me one of those yummy looking cup cakes will you?


  3. Hi Cherry

    The cakes look yummy, but you conversion of the garage is fantastic.

    It makes such a difference having a dedicated craft space, helps the creative juices flow I find, well most of the time anyway.

    B x

  4. Oh you've made me so hungry Cherry, they look simply scrumptious!
    I love that you have your own crafty space, I'm so jealous! I have to use the dining table in the evenings! Hence the lack of creativity sometimes as it's not always possible for me to grab it. Either that or I'm too tired in the evenings!
    Enjoy your read, love the baking shot, brilliant!
    Ktie x

  5. Cakes look sup[er yummy and so is your work space hunny. xx


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