Sunday, 29 August 2010

Illuminate with The Sunday Creative

The Sunday Creative prompt by Maegan:

Illuminate vb 1: To supply or brighten with light: light up 2: To make clear: to bring to the fore 3: To decorate with designs or pictures in gold or colors

I read this earlier today and thought it was a cool idea using a weekly prompt with the freedom to create in any medium. I love creative and supportive communities as they help you to develop 'sight' and 'insight'.

Later this afternoon I was playing in the garden and got this shot (it feels really odd to publish photos because I've always taken them but not really used them).

Technically it probably is wrong on many levels but I love the way the light is bouncing of LOs hair and I love the energy and it illuminated (in definition sense 2) many of my feelings about her.

Why not join in or just find something that illuminates for you?

Happy thoughts to you.



  1. Dear Cherry, I really appreciate your insights into the words and the whole idea of the Sunday Creative!! I wonder, what, about your daughter, was illuminated for you. This picture speaks of so many things. Among them, fluidity and movement, joy and innocence always shines off of a child's head - beauty.

    Anyway, thanks so much for "getting" my version of "illuminated". Phew! Someone gets it. =]

    Love, Katy Noelle

  2. now it is letting me post a comment, I think this is a great shot, I love the movement in the hair, perfect lighting.

  3. so glad you are doing the 365 project as well!

  4. Hey Cherry-
    This photo caught my eye immediately. You've caught the movement and the illumination. Lovely.
    See you on the 365.

  5. This is a great shot!!!
    I love all of the lights off of her hair. And I must admit I miss my little girl's swinging blonde locks :)
    Although she still has them, at 15! heh.

  6. Great shot and sums up "illuminate" - I see you are going great guns with your "365"!


  7. Love all the motion and highlights. Welcome aboard 365.

  8. What a great shot.. I have signed up also for 365 day.. And am excited to see everyones photos.. Hugs, Linda

  9. Mmmmm...that's good! Pictures often "illuminate" the way I feel about many things! I love your interpretation!

  10. What a happy photo - thanks for sharing this one.


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