Monday, 23 August 2010

Katie's bit of fun is fab and thank you to BlueBertie for my award..

Firstly, Katie found this site and it is awesome for a bit of fun and interesting ideas.

I had lots of fun.

Go and have a play here.

Secondly, Thank you to Lauren for this aptly named award!

I very warmly accept and extend my thanks to Lauren for bestowing this honour. Go and see BlueBertie for tales of crafting excellence, Clumber Spaniel and chicken tales (you won't be disappointed).

I have posted with pride - I'm all puffed up indeed.

Three things I like about myself? Being contrary, being called Cherry and my blue eyes.

A picture that I love...

Magnolias at Kew on my birthday.

Tag five others for the award... Caroline, Brenda, Katie, Helen, and Monica

Have a happy evening all.XXX


  1. Well done on your award.


  2. Well done and thank you Cherry for the honour of this award
    Helen xx

  3. Thanks so much Cherry! Love your photos, isnt it great?
    Katie x

  4. Hi Cherry, congrats on your award. I've got that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you thought of me to pass it along to.. so, thankyou.
    Love the pic of the magnolia blossom.
    Caroline xxx

  5. Oh, thanks for this. I found Dumpr last week - but this one looks even better. Love it.

  6. oh i can waste hours on tjose sites. lol

    thanks for the award, very SWEET of you! ;)

  7. Hi Cherry

    As you say, how aptly named. And thank you so much for your kindness in passing this on to me.

    I have been going to mail you, but truth is I'm not certain which one is yours and don't want to send to the wrong person.

    I recieved you beautiful card, I just adore blue adn greens together and you could not have selected better. Thank you, I hope you get time to have a play with your goodies.

    B x


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