Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Sunday Creative: Lonely

Where once there were three there is now only one - lonely hedgepig.

How sad.

Where the others went we do not know.

Justine has set LONELY as The Sunday Creative prompt this week and this little carving which we see on one of our regular walks seemed to fit the bill. For ages there were three of them and suddenly the other two disappeared. This one is the smallest and it worries LO every time we go for this particular walk.

We hope you are not lonely especially being part of The Sunday Creative.


  1. Don't tell this to your little one but I suspect the other two fuelled a fire somewhere in the area.

    I bet they looked so cute when there were three though.


  2. I agree, I bet someone took them for firewood. We have a wooden snake on our walk, thanks so much for entering this lonely fellow - a great shot. Again I can now thankyou for your comments as I again can't comment on your blog otherwise as it still won't let me!

  3. Awwww. Poor little hedgie. Sniff....sniff.... lx

  4. That's so cute. Too bad the others have recently disappeared. Perhaps you can make up a story about them being invisible now.

  5. That's really cute! I'm so sorry that the other ones disappeared!


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