Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Walking in a winter wonderland

The snow is melting finally, although it is rather slippery under foot in places. The woods were rather eerie this morning in the fog and remnants of snow. A good place to walk off the Christmas festivities and mull over the new beginnings ahead of us and the passing of the last year.

Melting is an interesting phenomena and the thaw is well afoot here. With it life can begin anew and limbo appears to lift. The snow has made it possible to stop this Christmas as it has been impossible to do as much rushing around as normal. I hope new life is gently awakening with you with the thought of new possibilities.



  1. Loving the droplet you caught - I mus tbe honest that I'm done with the snow now and really will shut up about White Christmas' from now on!!

    Happy New Year to you, your family and your readers


  2. Our snow had all gone by xmas....I'm pleased to say...the thaw looks lovely...but tends to be a bit lethal!!!!

  3. these are beautiful beautiful shots.
    so quiet and peaceful.

    happy new year~


  4. Lovely post, Cherry. The photos are gorgeous - and it makes the thaw sound far more romantic than the slushy mush we have in our back garden!!
    I like your idea of life restarting after being frozen to stillness by the snow. Quite poetic!

  5. soooooo pretty Cherry. Thanks for sharing. Lx

  6. Love the pics Cherry I must admit to hating this part of the melt where everything is just soggy not nice but the pics are beautiful I like the droplet one

    Here's hoping with a new year new possibilities come to us all
    Love Jacki xx

  7. beautiful pictures and lovely words x


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