Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Liking the crochet vibe

Have been enjoying experimenting with a few different patterns so here are a few granny squares and flowers and a trial piece of a granny stripe.

Here is a project at the beginning - will show you as I progress - not sure how I will get on so we will see.

I've just treated myself to this lovely book with a token I had for my birthday - I keep them a while so I can have a treat later in the year - lol.

It's nice having something I can do anywhere. What do you all do that you can do wherever?



  1. Hi Cherry, you crocheting is lovely. I am not talented that way, not much finger dexterity left in this old gal. Isn't it wonderful how God gives us all different talents. Hope you are enjoying beautiful weather, good health and joy.

  2. Well it sure looks like you have the crochet "thang" nailed!! Smashing projects so far Cherry


  3. wow, well done, these are fabby x

  4. Wow check you out! These are great :)
    Talk about doing it anywhere....last night we went to pub quiz and a lady brought her crochet with her! So I've roped her into teaching me LOL! We'll see how that works out ;)


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