Saturday, 9 June 2012

Crafty Day

My pal, Kathy K and I headed off this morning (once her Satnav had been corrected as to where I live) to Kidderminster and The Treasury where our Pan Pastels Workshop was being held.


We arrived in good time had a coffee and got on over to the shop. We thought we were the first there so we had a brief look around the shop - mmmmmmmmm -


Kathy was already to shop! But we then realised everyone else was seated and ready to go! So we found the naughty corner Untitledand sat through the workshop. Patti ran the workshop as the person who was supposed to do it had had to drop out. She did a sterling job considering she only discovered she would be doing it on Thurs.


Look at those PPs. Kathy and I had a lovely time chatting. Kathy let me use her PPs too.


Don't they look yummy, they are very creamy and really nice to use on all sorts of Cardstock.


We finished with a little shopping and a sandwich. Kathy got to see my crafting garage space, which was absolutely untidy (very embarrassing). I decided that alongside the rest of the housework I really should tidy it up.


Thank you Kathy for a super day. C X


  1. looks like you both had a great time x

  2. My pleasure matey and thank YOU too

    Great pix btw


  3. Fab photos and looks like you had a great get together. Six weeks to the summer you will be counting down too! X

  4. Ooo lucky you!! I bet you had great fun!! My two break up in 3 weeks think it's earlier here in Scotland. xx


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