Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Three Hearts Page ii

I have been taking Christy Tomlinson's Three Hearts Journal Class, at my own pace you understand! I have completed a second page, which is a personal page, I have hidden most of the journaling so I am happy to share.


I even got my Melt Pot out for the first time and worked with melted wax for an extra Goth touch.


I really enjoyed making this page, but it has taken ages to complete and feel that it is finished.


What is this page about? Partly my adolescent self and partly my fantastical self and partly the self I am on the inside at times. It is a complicated business 'being' as well as relatively simple. I think I am feeling a bit stretched as I don't seem to be making sense. Clarity is a little waxed on the page and in reality at the moment. Thanks for floating by today. C X


  1. Love your goth layouts and wholeheartedly approve of your colour scheme too.

    Been playing with PP's this afternoon - getting in some practice for the weekend .... BRING IT ON!!!


  2. This is amazing Cherry, it think it is awesome that you are exploring your past, present and future in this project. You are braver than I !!!! Great colours too and well done on playing with your Melt Pot, haven't had mine out to play for yonks :o(


  3. what a great way to express yourself instead of keeping it all in, hope you have a fabulous time this weekend x

  4. Wonderful page cherry, there is something very therapeutic about art journal and glad to see you have managed to get some crafty time! X


Thanks for stopping by today - comments are really appreciated. Here's sending love back to you. Hugs Cherry XXX