Sunday, 24 June 2012

Making scrapbooks

I am partaking in an online class at the moment to do with using sketchbooks in the classroom. Last week was class one where we had to make our sketchbooks. I have done two: an elastic band one made from scratch and the other is an altered purchased one. I have looked forward to this and have enjoyed it so far.

I think the elastic band one would be fab to use as a reading journal in class.

I am looking forward to filling them now. Our next lesson is tomorrow.

If you are interested the site is :

I thought the summer term was meant to be more...but it is full on! Hence my lack of posts.

See you soon I hope. xxx


  1. looking forward to seeing what you fill them with! x

  2. oooo... this looks interesting, but complicated Sweetie - can't wait to see more and with those pockets filled :o)


  3. Looks great and glad to hear you are crafting for England, Matey!

    Have a good week


  4. This looks great, must take a look at this link. Reading journals would be great idea too. X


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