Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Catch Up

Life continues to throw curved balls and time appears to disappear in a vortex of everything except Paint and messy things! However, this weekend I escaped to Bristol with some magnificent hosts and friends. Thank you, all of you, but especially Mr and Mrs K.

We went tarmacing! A technique which is rather terrifying and fume- ridden! Make lovely art and cover in bitumen and white spirit! Then rub off with more white spirit!

Luckily, it worked rather well...



Neither of mine are finished yet but I think they have potential.

We then went to Newbury Artstamps Show and met up with more friends - hooray. Did I buy anything? Well it would have been rude...


Oh dear! But I have promised myself ten minutes a day for arty stuff from now on so I will use it - really!

Thanks for stopping by...I know I am rarely here but I do lurk a bit and love the blogosphere so keep posting and visiting ...thank you. Cherry xxxx



  1. Dear me!! WHAT A LOT of stash?!?!?! You are well prepared for your ten minutes each day now!

    LOVE your projects and it was so great to see you all - I enjoyed every minute too


  2. great projects and fabulous stash haul!! good luck keeping up with the ten minutes! x

  3. I just LOVE that tarmac technique. It really does look great and I look forward to seeing your finished projects when you've got a bit more time. You certainly got lots of great stuff to crank up that mojo. Great to see you. Lx

  4. Great project and fab looking stash!


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