Saturday, 26 July 2014

Transfers using matte medium

Having read Art Journaling I have wanted to experiment with transfers using matte medium. Got round to having a go this week. I have learnt much about how it works. The trickiest bit was not wetting the page too much when removing the back of the image.

It rips see first attempt below.

I am planning on repairing as I work!

I got better as I experimented; baby wipes are very useful. It is a truly magical technique to use, and I loved it as the flipped image emerged. Now to finish the pages!

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  1. ooh well done - I tried this earlier in the year and it was a disaster! x

  2. Now THAT is what I CALL clever!!! :oD Well done Cherry. Looks really good and I can't wait to see what you plan to do with it. Lx

  3. Look forward to seeing what you do with your pages. X

  4. I tried it with GLOSS medium and the first attempt was too thin and ripped to pieces the second was so thick it took days to dry - worse than glossy accents so WELL DONE on your obvious successes matey



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