Saturday, 26 July 2014

Me Time Messages

Clare, over at Miscanthus, has created a summer on-line class called 'Me Time Messages'. It is a lovely class so do pop over and check it out.

Clare is on week three - as usual I am running behind but never mind. Here is my week one project the message holder.



I have started week two...

The ten minutes a day is going well for me.


We are enjoying some wonderfully warm weather too. Bliss when on holiday. Thanks for stopping by. C xxx



  1. Love your Me Time Message holder and love (LOVE love) your eye with inks dripping from it!

    Look forward to seeing you soon in Dictionary corner matey


  2. Love the silver and turquoise on your message holder - the eye is fabulous too - is it Tam's?
    I am failing miserably at the 10 mins BUT I have had 2 interviews this week! :)

  3. Looks ace cherry. Love the eye! Good luck on keeping the 10mins a day going, x

  4. WOW!!!! Your message holder is brilliant. Love the arrows and the splodges of silver.
    The eye is FAB. Very arty. The 10 min a day is a good idea. Hope you can keep it up, I really enjoy seeing your work again x

  5. Fantastic results here. xxx


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