Sunday, 22 April 2012

Baking fun

Happy weekend fun. I thought I would share some baking today as it is my Grandma's birthday today and so we have had a family day eating and drinking.

Part of the nibbles were chocolate ganache tartlets and hazelnut meringue cupcakes. I enjoyed making both of these.

having gone back to work last week you can see the creative production has decreased, again! I guess this is just how it goes. I am determined to craft this week, even if it is just ten minutes. I have been keeping up my daily journal for Kate Crane's monthly calendar page but not much else. I did make a card for my grandma but didn't photograph it - doh.

How do any of you do creativity, family and work balance? I would love to know, really if you have the time to share.

Have a good week C XXX


  1. I honestly don't know how people with kids do it! fab baking, hope you had a great day x

  2. The baking looks great....and,like you,I find it much harder to fit in the crafting during term time.

  3. Awesome baking Cherry, making my mouth water !!! Hope your Grandma had a lovely birthday and I hope you manage to find a little 'me' time for crafting this week Sweetie xx

  4. Your cakes look AMAZING! Happy Birthday to grandma too - hope you all enjoyed the family celebrations.

    Work/life balance? Never really got it cracked - much better now I don't work! Good luck with finding some "you" time in amongst everything else you need to do.


  5. These look absolutely heavenly, they're making my mouth water! Happy birthday to your grandma :)
    Work/life balance? I try to set aside one evening (at least) every week for crafting but it's not always easy so even if I just fit in an hour in the evening after work/uni I feel better for having done something
    Gayle x

  6. fabulous fayre there cherry. glad you managed to fit in some baking over the weekend. good luck on finding a work life balance, teaching isn't an easy thing to juggle!! xx


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