Thursday, 17 March 2011

Hyacinth Happiness

The smell is just so lovely and I just love walking in the garden and how the scent hits you in pockets. Also loving having some colour to photograph again and the feel of the sun - think I am a girl who likes photographing flowers at heart. Bring on the summer I say.

Happy hunting for the things you love. XXX


  1. Today was such a nice day, let's hope it does indeed herald some better weather. Your flower photo is faberoony


  2. What a wonderful photo I do have to agree with you.. I love to take photo's of flowers..
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment.. Hope you are enjoying your day..


  3. Beatiful rich color Cherry. Thanks for sharing a little purple...still enduring winter's grey, brown, and whites.

  4. they do smell beautiful cherry. i was out in the garden today and with that bit of sunshine the smell was really heady. great photo. x


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