Thursday, 3 March 2011

'Less is More' - Squares

I have been watching with much interest the progress of my craft Buddy Kathy as she explore the CAS muse in her crafting creations. I have to say she creates the most lovely designs and I have admired them. I know they are difficult to do well and have lurked around the 'Less is More' Challenge Blog watching with wonder the weekly challenges. What has inspired me most is the constructive narrative that is taking place over there and how everyone is helping everyone else. Ithink I want a part of that so in honour of my craft buddy I've had a go.

This is a card for her to say one big thank you for the weekend she planned and for her crafting advice (I've done the envelope and inside the card too Kathy!).

I can now vouch for the fact that this is difficult!

I would like to enter this into the 'Less is More' challenge and I look forward to any helpful advice. The entries for the three squares challenge are amazing, with a huge variety of techniques and approaches, do pop over for a gander.


  1. This is a fabulous card - love the colours and the image (in fact all of it)

  2. Hi Cherry,
    It's great that you decided to give us a try! WELCOME!
    I love the images on this card and I'm impressed that you have decorated the envelope too. Your colour choice is super.
    As I look at your card, the only thing that comes to mind is that the squares are a tad too high in my eyes.
    We are left with a bit of a gap across the centre of the card, making you look either to the top or the bottom without seeing the card as a unified whole.
    The rule of thirds comes to mind, so if your squares were about a third of the way down the card, that should be about right.
    What a lot of blather... the card is great, these are simply my thoughts.
    We hope to see you again next time!
    "Less is More"

  3. Thanks Chrissie, that's really useful advice and very much appreciated and something to ponder for next week. Hugs cherry XXX

  4. It's a great 'less is more' card,Chery....I know I would find this very difficult....I can never stop adding more and more!!!
    I think I would tend to agree with Chrissie about the squares being slightly lower down on the card.

  5. Love the natural feel of this card Cherry (would that be fabulous inkadinado inchies by any chance?!)

  6. Yes Suze you are right - they are great. Inked in Archival Sepia. Hugs C xxx

  7. Love the colour you have choosen, and love your card too.
    L think the Darkroom door card is Fab too...

    Babs x

  8. Is that fab coneflower by Imagination? I think I have the Inkadinkado set for the text/image panel (great set isn't it?) Super card btw though I sort of agree that it might be EVEN better with your squares a little lower but its all perception . . . . I am honoured that you felt you wanted to try the technique I'm obsessed with.


  9. Or is it Crafty Individuals?????

    I look forward to seeing more of this technique from you - your first attempt is too good not to do more


  10. All Inkadinkadoo Kathy that I purchased with you in Hobbycraft! xXX

  11. Hi Cherry Welcome to Less is Moore
    Super card, I love the stamp!
    Id also say that the THank you could have just been placed under the centre, instead of repeating it right across. Also if lower it would work, as Chrissie says
    See you again, thanks so much for joining us, see you next week
    "LEss is More"

  12. Thanks Mandi - I like the idea of the solo 'Thanks' under the middle square. Hugs Cherry XXX

  13. Hi Cherry, It's not easy is it? Well done on your card though, looks great. x

  14. I do loooove your card!!! fabulous :)


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