Sunday, 5 September 2010


Really heavy rain forecast for the coming week.
Get the bedclothes washed and dry prompto.
Laundry is fairly central to my life (not in the spiritual sense you understand but the frequency sense) so I expect there to be a series of laundry shots during the 365 journey. I may purchase some more interesting pegs and/or items to hang!
Always feels sacrilegious on a Sunday (childhood indoctrination) but if
cleanliness is next to ... Can I be forgiven?
Hope the weather is being kind to you - what is central to your life?


  1. Hi Cherry, I hear you, when it comes to laundry it seems like my washer is always going and there are only two of us and a grandson alot of the time. Unfortunately that means the dryer gets run alot too as I won't hang clothes out of doors because of bugs, bees, you name it. Love to see photos of clothes on the line though, so bring em' on..........

  2. I know the feeling Cherry and I also have a few "washing" shots lol! A great 5th photo, only 360 to go!
    Katie x

  3. Know completely what you mean about 1. childhood making you feel bad about haning washing out on a Sunday and 2. how much of life seems to be taken up with the stuff!


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