Tuesday, 14 September 2010


It is raining today.
I found a leaf in the garden with water droplets on its back. With the macro lense all the veins show. I then used PSE to convert to B&W and intensify the contrasts and shadows. What do you think?
On our drive out we saw this field and I liked the colour and texture.


  1. I love the rain droplets photo,Cherry.

  2. Two smashing piccies from you today Cherry, loving the leaf best.


  3. Beautiful photos, Cherry. You could take that one of the droplets and paint an abstract out of it with a solid background of green and a rainbow of colors in the droplets. That's what I see in the random pattern of the droplets. So beautiful.

  4. Wow lovely pic Cherry I would even think of photographing something like that but it's beautiful

  5. Oh Cherry GORGEOUS!!! I'm loving those rain drops girl :)
    Katie x

  6. Wow the rain drops are fanatastic. You could see that photo blown up and making an ace canvas on a wall. I love the back to basics feel about it.
    The field of grain looks special to. You can't tell what it is until you look closely- I like that with photos when they don't always look like the thing they are (if you get what I mean). Love the panoramic shot too.

  7. What I think is wow! I love the black and white water droplets. Love it. Very cool macro. Early this summer when it was raining frequently I took so many photos of my hosta with waterdrops. They were just too pretty not to. What you've seen in the water tho....that's above and beyond.


Thanks for stopping by today - comments are really appreciated. Here's sending love back to you. Hugs Cherry XXX