Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Shadow Swings

The rain didn't arrive until this afternoon therefore LO and I enjoyed the sunshine this morning with a trip to our Countryside Centre. The sun cast lovely shadows everywhere and I couldn't resist the ones under the swings. I'm not sure I would have consciously noticed them before starting this journey but I am so glad I did this morning. I hope the shadow children enjoy them as much as my LO enjoyed the real deal.
We played, we had a drink and we walked in the wood - a perfect morning together. The light was beautiful and reflected itself in our moods I think.
Hope you had a sunshine day too.


  1. I find shadows fascinating...though I remember as a child sometimes being frightened of them.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my new grandaughter.

  2. Nice piccie - glad you had a fun time


  3. Very artistic Cherry! You've really got the photographers eye haven't you!
    Katie xx

  4. Hi Cherry, shadows can be fun, I especially like the long shadows cast at the end of the day. I don't particularly like shadows in the woods when we are hiking. Great photo!

  5. Love this picture Cherry. It reminds me of all those lazy. late summer days we spent at the park, when my girls were younger. It's just a delight to see your pics.
    Caroline xxx


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