Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Modern Sculpture

The whole

The inside (makes great noises)

My Favourite -running feet!
The outside

We enjoyed ourselves today. We hope you have too.


  1. I remember things like this when I was a child. Loved mazes. This time of year as October approaches we have corn mazes for the children to explore. Great photos, Cherry.

  2. how fun...
    like how the inside shot turned out with the cool curves and great blue color.

  3. looks fab, the feet are my fave too x

  4. This looks really fun! I think that a child's heart would connect to it immediately - understand intuitively! Very exciting!

    I'm sorry that I'm so sporadic in visiting. Sept. and Oct. are busier than Christmas - if you can believe it! I want you to know that I very, very much enjoy your comments and insights. I DOoooo love how you use your words, too. =]

    Well, also, your macros are so clear and fresh. I love your garden faerie!!!!! And, your abundance is abundantly clear!

    Love, Katy

    P.S. I'm always stunned into silence by your craftyness. It's a skill that I am completely lacking in and, so, am incredibly impressed.


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